PG Driving Lessons

We pick up & drop off our students from home, work or school.

We work around our students schedule

You’ll cover a lot of miles, once you’ve passed that driving test. The world is laid out before you – so many different kinds of roads, so many different kinds of vehicles, so many different ways of getting from A to B.

That’s why Prince George Driving School location has so many different opportunities to learn the ways of the wheel. As a division of BC Driving School, it has province-wide backing to make driving school in Prince George flexible and affordable.

A driving school best serves its students and its community by offering as many kinds of lesson options as there are aspiring new drivers. It’s our mission to bring as many Prince George students of all ages and experience levels as possible into our programs, all of them in accordance with Driving Schools of BC and licensed Under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Driving classes are some of the most important times anyone can spend in a classroom – ours just happens to have a seat belt and a steering wheel. Safety for you and the people around you is our paramount consideration.

Sure, we can steer you through the points that will come up on the driving test, but our instructors are also driven to provide you lifelong skills and knowledge for your ongoing wellbeing. We have more than 50 years of experience among our instructors, which means they collectively got up more than 18,000 mornings (and counting) thinking about your safety. They care for a living.

Passing the driving test is a ticket to the open road, and it is also a vital responsibility. We at PG Driving School have removed as many roadblocks as possible so aspiring new Prince George drivers can roll through the learning process on their own terms.

Our menu of driving classes has small bites like the Single Lesson or the Defensive Driving feature lesson (90 minutes each), and even a 2.5-hour refresher to brush up just before you take the road test, but it also includes full meals like the Ultra-Enhanced Graduated Licensing Program and the 30-Hour Program. You can go with a comprehensive lesson plan, or you can build your driving classes as you go.

There are 19 standard packages you can order off the menu, and if you have some ideas of your own to strengthen your skills and safety confidence, Prince George Driving School is happy to customize a package especially for you.

We strive to fit your budget, personal schedule, and the conditions that support your lifestyle. Our driving classes in Prince George are available seven days a week, and we can design your courses for weekends if that helps. We can emphasize content for highway driving, winter conditions, defensive driving skills, lessons especially for seniors, and we are an ICBC-approved Graduated License Program instruction centre. We stay constantly current with new policies and licensing requirements introduced by ICBC and the Motor Vehicle Act.

To go that extra mile, Prince George Driving School can provide you a vehicle for your road test, gift certificates are available to help that special someone wanting to improve these life-saving skills, and instruction is always one-on-one for direct and personal learning.
As part of our commitment to community road safety and the next generation of leaders, it is also our pleasure to help with your Dry Grad fundraising. Ask us how! We have been owned by a proud Prince George family since 1978. Whether you are a brand new driver or an experienced driver looking to boost some particular skills, we look forward to your lesson selection.